10 Reasons why hiring a Gamer in your company

The skills developed by people who play video games, are part of the requirements that many companies are looking for at the time of hiring.

1. Interpersonal understanding
This is a skill that focuses on the analysis and evaluation of work situations and other interpersonal situations. This ability allows, to those who possess it, greater understanding in making business decisions. In turn, it gives the person the ability to feel comfortable and make others feel the same way in a work environment.

2. High level of motivation
In the world of video games it is essential to be motivated to continue advancing to the objective of the game. That is why the Gamers develop a high level of motivation which is a very useful skill in the work environment. People who are motivated find the right solutions easier.

3. Teamwork
Without a doubt, one of the main current requirements for companies is teamwork. It is not only about "delivering your part of the work", but, being able to contribute to the work in common.

4.Empathy Sharing resources
In most online games is essential to pass the level of good resource management and exchange these with other players. That is why most gamers develop this skill and translate it into their personal and work life.

5. Resolution of a conflict to arrive at a result
All those who have played a videogame, we know that the process of planning to achieve the goal is inevitable. Gamers are constantly searching for solutions, which is why they are proactive people in the work activity.

6.Capacity of meritocracy
Within the gamer community it is common to recognize those who deserve it, therefore, the ability to recognize their peers is a very common activity. Moving this to the work environment opens many doors and motivates the work team.
7. Empowerment
Able to change the world. People who play video games are people with vision and optimism. This is a necessary quality to lead groups, take projects forward and make their way in the business world.

8. It adapts to different systems
The fact of alternating videogames and with this rules, generates the ability to adapt to new systems. That is, a gamer are multifaceted people, with the ability to fit into different roles. Although as a human being, you will feel more comfortable in certain areas.

9. Technological ability
The affinity for technology is part of the current requirements and also a main skill for those who like to play video games. Therefore, every gamer is akin to technology.

10. Creativity
They are people who are constantly creating strategies, therefore they develop a high level of creativity.

The gamers are the best option for a company.