3 reasons why every brand should have a mobile application or game

To begin we want to remember that: mobile games or laptops have been among us much earlier than smartphones. Do you remember the first consoles of the 80s? They allowed us to play Donkey Kong, Mario Bros and Pac Man.

Why does your company need an app?

If your company does not yet have an application, you need to obtain one. Having only an online presence is no longer enough, especially when users' online activity moves to their mobile. Applications have become an important marketing tool for owners of small

5 reasons why video games are good

There has always been debate about whether video games are good or bad. Unfortunately most people assume that they are harmful and that they can cause, especially in children, behavioral problems. All this without any scientific proof. Things have changed and after many studies we ca

Videogame Moto Racing GP 3D

If you like motorcycle racing as much as we will enjoy this post. We will tell you all about one of the best games in the Moto Racing GP market. What will you enjoy in Moto Racing GP? Within this video game you will be able to perform ...

Manucraft: One of the characters in Super Heroes 3

The big day has come! we launched the new Super Heroes 3 with a great exclusive: Manucraft, influencer of the videogame area, appears in our game. In the third edition of our star game you can enjoy all the disciplines of street fighting. Compete against experts

5 situations that a Gamer can not stand

In the world of video games there are intolerable situations for a Gamer at heart. Based on our own experience and many of our users we bring the raking of the 5 most detestable situations for a Gamer. 1. Unstable connection worse than not having wifi, is to have a connection service

The best free virtual reality games

Currently more companies are added to the creation and development in the area of ​​virtual reality. It is undeniable that new technologies allow new audiences to experience. In the area of ​​mobile video games it is not different.

10 Reasons why hiring a Gamer in your company

The skills developed by people who play video games, are part of the requirements that many companies are looking for at the time of hiring. 1. Interpersonal understanding This is a skill that focuses on the analysis and evaluation of work situations