5 situations that a Gamer can not stand

In the world of video games there are intolerable situations for a Gamer at heart. Based on our own experience and many of our users we bring the raking of the 5 most detestable situations for a Gamer.

1. Unstable connection worse than not having wifi, is having an unstable connection service. Because it gives you the hope that you can play or surf, but it is NOT like that and it always stops at the most necessary moment. We do not know the reason, but when you are about to fulfill something important, the message appears or simply freezes. This must be the most irritable.

2. Debates about nonsenseIt is true that we all like a debate once in a while, but when it does not lead to anything it does not make sense. How to ask which video game is the best or if console, PC, mobile. This is clear, there are debates without solution and opening this box only leads to wearing you down.

3. "Children games" No, video games are not exclusive to boys and girls, one of the most uncomfortable situations for a Gamer is that there are still people who see video games as a game and not a lifestyle. Do not worry, there are fewer and fewer people who think so. Remember, this is still progressing and we are more and more the ones who sign up and earn our living that way. We ask many friends gamers What to do in this situation? The best thing is to silence the person and move from that situation.

4. Nemesis off-line In the online world it is very good to have a nemesis. That Gamer that tries to outdo you all the time and is in constant competition, offline those NO. Off-line nemesis are those who arrive and take your character, destabilize your game and (frankly) make you lose. A game in progress, a score for a Gamer is private.

5. Save, verify and re-save There is no worse situation than finishing a video game and forgetting to save it or having someone disconnect you without having saved it. We know, this is undoubtedly the worst situation of all. Your work has no value, but at this moment it only lets the pain go by and try again. We've all lived it, it's part of being a Gamer.